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Default Re: HellHammer (Jan Axel Blomberg)

i dont thin hellhammer ever played with cradle fo filth neither immortal(not in studio).He helped immortal in their '95 battles in the north tour,and also played in the "grim and frostbitten" video...he also helped in tour the awesome band Emperor (featuring Trym-an amazing drummer by the way).
He has been involved in theese bands:
Antestor, Arcturus (Nor), Carnivora, Covenant (Nor), Jorn(live), Dimmu Borgir, Mezzerschmitt, Mortem (Nor), Shining (Swe)(he has done awesome work!), The Kovenant, Thorns, Troll, Vidsyn, Winds (Nor), Tritonus, Age of Silence,Dimmu borgir,Immortal(live),Emperor(live),Fleurety

but im 100% he hasnt done anything with cradle of filth
cradle used nikolas barker until "From the Cradle to Enslave" EP...then Adrian Erlandsson
(ex THE HAUNTED) was behind the drumkit.
Currently they have a new guy called Manthas(or something).He is very cool...check him out on youtube!

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