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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your messge Man.

You know, I never played with MC Solaar, I mean yes I did, but it's because he was invited by a band with who I was playing, so he was just singing 16 bars by night with us during 3 night at L'Olympia in Paris, it was fun and he a nice Guy.

Thanks again for your kind words about my drumming, take care Mike.

PS : by the way nice kit, I prefer Quick Beat than K hi-hat though... :-)

Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer View Post
Woah! Great having you here Roger Biwandu. Your drumming is always excellent! Nice to see another Rugby fan too!

What was it like working with MC Solaar? He's one of my favorite artists. Cheers man!

Tain, Vinnie, Fish, Jeffrey and Stewart are the reason, many other great, and go The All Blacks !!!
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