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Default Re: It's RUSH time!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Deadmeat View Post
Hello to all,
I thought this to be an apropriate time to post. I am from Australia and I know I will never see RUSH come down here, as they are getting on. I have been a Rush fan for the past 16 years, have all there cd's etc...etc.. when I heard they were doing a new tour (snakes and arrows tour) I managed to convince my wife that England would be a good place to visit in October, so yes I"M GOING TO SEE RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Wembly! And from all the dvd's, videos, cd's ....etc I know I won't be dissappointed. I hope this is encouragement to any avid rush fan who hasn't been able to get to see them live (becuase of distance). YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! it' just costs a bundle of money :).

Is there anything to look out for at the shows? I saw the set list and it awesome, some songs there I really wanted to see which I never thought they would play, eg Digital Man.

Live long and prosper with RUSH!!!!!
sweet dude. Yeah, the light show they have is amazing really cool. They basically sound EXACTLY like their album's too. They play a lot of there new stuff (which by the way, Neil incorperated much more double bass accents) and it sounds really good. Usually (at least when i went) it was pretty loud so if your sensitive hearing, I guess you might wanna bring some plugs or something. All in all its an awesome show to see.

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