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9/8 is indeed a tricky one. I made an mp3 just now of me playing it but its not good quality, I can still post it if you like. It also depends on what version you are listening to. If its 72-74 its going to be simpler because (as you know already) its only Phil by himself. From then on it got more intricate. If you want I can send you a clip of phil and chseter playing it in 86, it definitely doesn't sound smooth and flowing then (in a good way), Phil is throwing in all kinds of tom rolls and hi-hat accents over chester, Chester himself even goes off into the stratosphere on some of it.

Phil has always placed his fills in "odd" places, he might start a fill on the 5th beat and not finish it until the 3rd beat of the next measure, especially on 9/8. I'de suggest learning with he version on Foxtrot first and THEN when you're comfortable with that start adding the embellishments.
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