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Default Re: It's RUSH time!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all,
I thought this to be an apropriate time to post. I am from Australia and I know I will never see RUSH come down here, as they are getting on. I have been a Rush fan for the past 16 years, have all there cd's etc...etc.. when I heard they were doing a new tour (snakes and arrows tour) I managed to convince my wife that England would be a good place to visit in October, so yes I"M GOING TO SEE RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Wembly! And from all the dvd's, videos, cd's ....etc I know I won't be dissappointed. I hope this is encouragement to any avid rush fan who hasn't been able to get to see them live (becuase of distance). YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! it' just costs a bundle of money :).

Is there anything to look out for at the shows? I saw the set list and it awesome, some songs there I really wanted to see which I never thought they would play, eg Digital Man.

Live long and prosper with RUSH!!!!!
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