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Default Re: My band has decided to go "bassless"

well I would support you, but I support just about any band that tries something different. I think as long as your rhythm guitar plays low and you keep your kick strong and tight, you will be ok for live situations. Have you considered having a bass trigger pad or something? that would work as well.
I have found though that just myself and an acoustic guitar covering Skynard, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, etc sounded good- not like the originals of course, but still it sounded good.
Heck, if a jazz trio can play Tom Sawyer w/ a bass, piano, and 4 piece drum kit (The Bad Plus for those interested), then you'll get by without a bassist.
Its more important to keep your band together than to have a bassist who doesn't work with the band imo

(and a little hint, watch your language...the edit button might be a good idea right about now)
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