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Default My band has decided to go "bassless"

My band (drummer, lead guitar, rhythm guitar/singer) has been very active writing songs and recording for the last year. But we've had a hell of a time finding a bass player dedicated to the band. Our last prospect flaked out, leaving us high and dry.

So we said screwit, and have decided to go on without one. Not "go on without one until we find one", but more like, "this is who we're gonna be, and if a bass player approached US and begs to join us, then we'll consider it again."

We are an original melodic power-pop band, with a sound like a cross between "Tegan And Sara" and the "Smashing Pumpkins". The three of us are tight as hell, and we all agree that our music does not really even *need* bass anyway - we sound great without it.

My question is: are we screwing ourselves? We don't want to look like were a band looking for a bass player. We want to look like a band who chose NOT to have a bass player. Do you really think were limiting our chances of success? There are several examples of bands who have gone bassless and achieved success. Why can't we?

We are still planning on recording all our songs with a bass line - we'll just be sans-bass in live situations.

The rhythm guitarist just bought a brand new amp - a Vox - that has some good low end. Plus I would say that me (the drummer) and the rhythm guitarist ARE pretty damn tight together. Without a bass player, I've written my drum parts (specifically the kick drum) to what the guitars are doing, not what a bass would be doing. So I guess in that regard we somewhat have that covered.

We have not written the songs with a specific bass line in mind, but instead have just figured a bass line would materialize itself.

EDIT: The main idea is that we don't necessarily DON'T want a bassist, but were sick of waiting for one, and are ready to move on professionally - bass player or no bass player.

EDIT2: Incidentally, if anyone lives in the Chicago area that plays bass and wants to join an awesome band....

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