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Default Re: Another DIY internal mic mount

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
I've got a show coming up Saturday at an outdoor festival. The band changes are really quick, so I called up the sound company to ask for advice. They suggested that I have all my mics already mounted up, so when we set up the drums, all we have to do is plug in and set levels. Easy enough with my toms/snare, but I wanted to have my bass drum ready to go, too. So I devised a mount using one L-bracket, two hose clamps, and some rubber sheeting that you use to keep things from sliding around in drawers. I just used the upright shaft from my regular bass drum mic stand and clamped it to the L-bracket, then mounted the L-bracket inside the bass drum with a lug screw. Several layers of the rubber sheeting provide cushioning (and hopefully enough isolation for my purposes.)The cable runs right out the tom mount bracket, which I don't use.

Pic 1 shows the remains of my original mic stand (it all screws back together)
Pic 2 shows the bracket screwed to the inside of the drum
Pic 3 is a front view
Pic 4 shows the mic installed and the cable run through the mount. I'm trying the mic pointed at the reso head, per DMC's suggestion. A quick recording indicates it'll sound fine - we'll see how it sounds through the PA Saturday!
Very cool and elegant mod, with no permanent alteration of the drum or essential components. How did it sound at the gig?

One question: What do you do when you need to mount the toms in the bass drum? Or have you switched to permanent suspention for the rack toms?
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