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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Well, yeah, I most definatly respect that Billy, but I mean, that doesn't make him a good drummer. I mean i got kids at my school that were inspired to pick up a pair of sticks due to the fact of seeing some guy hittin his drums as hard as he could. I mean rich and fame good for him, but that doesn't make him any more talented.
ps. Mucho respecto on your videos on this site, if I weren't and unemployed 16 year old i'd buy your dvd.
If u ask me, tommy is one of the best drummers ever, he`s got the same swing feel to his playing as john bonham had, and the things he came up with on the early stuff just amaze me. Yes, hes the reason i picked up the sticks, after id bought my first record, shout at the devil , and couldn`t understand how he did those nice little breaks the record i s full of.
still today , after playing for 20 years hes one of my maine influences.
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