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Default Re: A drum teacher's sub forum?

Originally Posted by youenjoy00myself View Post
Plus if we really had a teacher's subforum, though cool, we would have to make sure people claiming to be teachers are actually teachers. I could go in there and tell people how to play even though I'm not actually a teacher.
Eh? The point of the sub forum isn't about sharing playing tips, but rather teaching tips, techniques and methods. And besides, bad advice is pretty easy to spot, especially if you are a teacher with any experience.

I'd like a section dedicated to teachers and teacher-wannabes. Passing on the tradition is an important part of being a musician, and even though it's important to know the stuff you teach, it's also very important to know HOW to teach the stuff you know. Teaching is beneficial for all musicians, and a dedicated sub-forum certainly wouldn't hurt the DWF.
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