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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I just watched the first four minutes of that match, it's too late to watch the rest and I just wanted a taster. Those four minutes, would be the first thing I play to somebody if I were introducing them to Rugby. That scrum is scarily huge. Really awesome those few minutes!
there is a 9 minute highlights package on youtube which is pretty good....

Originally Posted by katman View Post
How terribly disappointing was that.

Well done to the Kiwis - no doubt they're the best team on the planet right now. And they play 100% for the full 80+ minutes. Our guys seemed to run out of steam in the closing minutes and their concentration lapsed a few times.

Losing close matches to them is heartbreaking. But there is some honour in taking them to the wire. Next time...
it was anybodies game SA where very, very tough. great game of rugby.
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