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Originally Posted by palmeris View Post
Did you get Not for the Pros, which is listed as an NTSC version or did you get On the drums which is listed as a PAL version and how do you like it/quality/ etc.

Sounds like the web site review that the PAL version is more up to date but i dodnt know if it will play in my sony DVD player
I got not for the pro`s.. I think it had good quality, both sound and pictures.. I can play it on my dvdplayer, computer and xbox360..
I is a good drum dvd, If you a REALLY into Ian Paice style.. There are some good playing, and ALOT of talkning about how his drums are made, cymbals etc.. The cool think I liked was a "roadie view" section where you can se Ian play some songs live with a the camera on the side of him..
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