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Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post

I believe a guy you might know out in KC is going to trade me a DW cast aluminum snare ya signed for him. Not sure if you did any recording in his studio or not. Guy by the name of Alex Austyn I believe. Just sent him a cherry snare I built and he's itching for this new Magnesium snare I just finished lol He sent me a list of snares he had for trade and the one you signed happened to be on there. Actually... if I could get your opinion on something that'd be great. If you've got the time to try something new shoot me an email:

Hi Tim -

Well, if I signed it, then it must be a DW aluminum - either a 14X5 or a 13X5. the 13" is my siggy snare. I love it. The 14 is Abe Laboriel Jr.'s siggy snare. You can't miss with either one. Great drum! let me knwo how it turns out for you!

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