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Default Re: If you could meet one person on the Forum?

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Well this screams I want attention. Hard to write a post like that and have it not sound that way. Sorry just being honest. Don't put too much stock in being popular here or on any website for that matter. Most people are not the same in person as they are on the net, some for better some for worse. Autism is a tough disease but I bet no one here or most people you meet in person would know you had it if you did not mention it all the time. Hope I am not taking to much liberty here, and if I offended you I am sorry that was not my intention at all. My point is don't live your life trying to be popular or think that because you have autism is the reason why someone does not like you.. All's that matters is that you like you. And by reading some of your posts I can tell you are a cool Chick, : )
i'm really not trying to be popular but I just want a little bit of recognition (and I mean a little bit). I was thinking that being here for close to a year with 600+ posts should get a little bit of something. (I'm not super post status conscious either) "That thing" is the biggest secret I have and it did take me a lot of courage to talk about it. It's my way of saying "I like you and I trust you." In real life I don't get a lot of recognition for stuff...I'm always under the radar and I'm sick of that. I don't want to be a goddess or anything (I hate too much attention...makes me nervous) just maybe get a pat on the back or a high five here and there. I don't want to have "charity" friends...meaning friends who hang out with me just because I'm one of those "special" kids. I never throw "it" around...unless they start asking questions why I'm weird or if they give me weird looks...I tell them so they understand...not so that I can make instant friends. I never abuse it.
Anyways thanks and I hope I didn't offend anyone here.
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