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Originally Posted by Jammin' Jamin View Post
Mike Portnoy is nothing special. I know everyone is gonna hate me for saying that. But, seriously, I have yet to hear Mike do something that makes me say ooh-ahh. I own two of his CDs and I definately don't listen to them for the drumming. It's so uncreative, so uninventive- and progressive music is supposed to be just that. I can predict every note he is going to play. RLFF fills are for newbies... and apparantly for Mike Portnoy. I hear everyone say he is such a great technichal drummer. Whatever. Tell me exactly where to find something technical if I'm missing something. A true technical drummer is somebody like Virgil Donati, Danny Carey, Bill Bruford, Thomas Lang, ect.
OMG you own two cds with Mike portnoy on it? THAT MAKES YOU AN EXPERT ON HIM. Give me a break. Sure he uses the RLFF quite often, but the way he uses them fits perfect whenever he uses them, and he uses them in unique combinations by spreading them between octobans and throwing them into odd time grooves. You want some good technical Dream Theater songs? Try The Dance Of Eternity, The instrumental section of metropolis pt.1, Octavarium, The second half of The Ministry of Lost Souls, The Great Debate, The Test That Stumped Them All, and many more. The thing about Mike Portnoy is that he is able to be technical, and also be able to be tasteful in the midst of all the odd time things he does, and that is a hard thing to do. Sure, he doesnt do the insane inter independance stuff that Thomas Lang does, but that's a whole different ball game. Mike portnoy is a master at his style of progressive drumming. Until I see a video of you doing what Mike Portnoy does, and do it better, then you have no room to criticize him.
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