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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by katman View Post
Just trawled planetrugby and the only seemingly related piece I could find was this:,1...359392,00.html

which, as I mentioned, is the usual pre-match media banter that all international teams seeem to get involved in these days. In this case it's about a tighthead scrumming in at an agle. No mention of banned substances though. They would never make such allegations - there are enough measures in place to keep test rugby clean and slanderous accusations like that would ruin relations between countries.
Rugby's probably one of the cleanest sports going around. One reason I think for this being the case is the sizeable punishments. Andrew Walker and Wendel Sailor got 2 years apiece for doing a little coke on the side.
Speaking of Wendel, I heard on the grape vine that he was thinking about going back to league, and then today one of the clubs (i forgot which one) announced that they had been talking to him. Probably a good move on his part; I can't see him making it back into the team now with Tuquiri, Ione, Mitchell, and Gerrard playing.
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