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Default Re: If you could meet one person on the Forum?

Originally Posted by TitanSound View Post
Well I have met Nutha and Jay B. Hopefully be hooking up with TopCat when I see the Police in Cardiff later this year as well as MFB and TC at the next DrummerLive hopefully. And I think myself and Khanedeliac are going out to get drunk soon :)
Yes, we are! Gotta love the summer and a dont-give-a-flying-fudge attitude...
We should also hook up with TC and MFB cause Id love to meet those two!

I would like to meet all the UK members, we should have a network so we can divide and conquer!

If I could only pick one....Karl....its gotta be Karl! Such an inspiration, we could sit and talk about Art Blakey and football and drink...fruit juice? Do you like fruit juice Karl?
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