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My perspective, if you bash Dave Weckl, you don't know what's going on! We are not talking personalities here. We are talking approach and musical ability! Dave is one of the most musical drummers we have today! He not only uses the physics of the approach but has so much phrasing and accents put into areas not one of us would even think it belongs. His highly advanced technical skills allows him to do things and then return back to the groove before most would think they could have even been placed there!
It seems to me some of use need to think more out of the box and understand the different approaches of all mainstream drummers have. Utilize these different approaches to make us better.
Dave is not only accurate but his timing is impeccable! Whether you like his music or not, just look at this guys approach. His approach provides him seemless stamina. I for one would love to be able to apply the energy he delivers to every stroke and do it for hours on end! This is where the physics comes in!
Some have stated he is boring, my interpretation of that is, he makes it look so easy, and he does not seem to work that hard! Well understand what he is doing, and you will appreciate it more!
You have to give credit where it is due! My perspective is you have to look at this instrument with an open mind, if you don't your abilities will become stiffled and the door will shut!
Some have said well if you write your own music then you can put in there anything you want. Well hate to tell you friend, Dave has done a heck of a lot more than do just the stuff you are referring to! Anyone hear him play with the Grusin big band? Ever hear him play with Michael Brecker, how about the Simmon and Garfunkel reunion tour, how about some Robert Plant stuff, George Benson, Diana Ross, and Chick Corea etc! Based on this list I don't see how anyone can say he is limited to his own stuff!
I guess some will never be that impressed unless he can do double bass riffs at 2million beats per minute! To me that is a totally myopic view of this instrument it's not even worth discussing anymore!
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