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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by Ozzy Biz View Post
The SA loosehead was dropping the scrum and engaging early quite a bit during that game. And BJ Botha does angle in rather than engaging straight and square.

I'm looking forward to the NZ RSA game
Don't really want to get involved in a scrum technique discussion as these things can get ugly. But BJ Botha is probably one of the most technically-correct tightheads in world rugby today. Stories of him scrumming in are simply fed to the media to counter similar allegations of the past few years about the Oz front row (and paticularly Bill Young). It's a classic tit-for-tat business. And as for engaging early - I think the young English ref had a very good game except for this part. His pauses between the "crouch... pause... touch... engage" commands were way too long and were a recipe for disaster. Plus the Oz front row seem to shift laterally - particularly on defensive scrums underr pressure - just before engagement, making a square hit very difficult. Just my 2c worth.
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