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Originally Posted by maddrummr View Post
Ahh agree with you 100%
This post is very old and I have changed they way I think of drumming even my setup has changed a bit. Now I play with the cymbals lower, my pedal is looser now, my throne is lower and the tom angles are a bit different. About the toys thing, no I do not need them and I dont want them anymore. Now I want a 20" Sabian HH chinese and three crashes more maybe two 18" and a 20" or 19" and a extra Hi Hat. I really want to get rid of the Zildjian crash.

I wanted Four crashes, four splashes, two chinas and a pedal for clave. That's a lot! But I don't want them anymore.

So my kit will have four Crashes, one China, Hi Hat, Ride and an X Hat. For me that's not too much and I really need them because my band requires a lot of different sounds and I 've got tired of the same sounds.
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