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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real name:Peter
How long playing:37 years
User Name:wonder1
Top 5 drummers:Steve Gadd,Billy Cobham,Terry Bozzio,Simon Philip,Akira Jimbo.
Make of drumkit:Tama,Self design/home-made:Cocktail drums,GigBoxs,Groove Box,other effects.
Make of Cymbals:Ued all kind of cymbals!
Place to pratice:My dad's house & my own house.
Band:Used to have a Jazz Fusion band 25 years ago(Getting Tired,wanted to look for something new!)Now,playing with Finger style guitar player now(1 drummer,1 guitar player)sometime did play with Jazz Trio(Piano,Bass & drum)what I do now,mostly unplug & low volume gigs.
Style of music:Jazz
how did I start: from my uncle(drummer),I'm from Music family!!
Wish to meet new drummer friends & learn from them.