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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Rob East
age? 16
how long been playing? 2 years
origin of user name? I was to lazy to think of anything more creative
top 5 drummers? Bonham, beauford, Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, and umm....did i mention Bonham?
make of drumkit? Yamaha
make of cymbal? Sabian
where do you practice? Anywhere possible
are you in a band/s? yes
covers or originals?
What style of music? Jazz
favourite take out food? Chinese is bomb
country? Whereever i end up in the morning.
one really odd fact about yourself? ummm.. I have the worst case of ADHD in san diego county
how did you start drumming? I was really baked at my friends house and i got a hold of his drumsticks and started playing and i pretty much never stopped. haha funny how that happens
Hobbies other than drumming? Snowboarding, surfing, skating, smoking, drinking, umm...i think thats it.................SEX