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haha ^^^ very funny post. Back when I first started drums i would think Travis was such an awesome drummer, then I started to listen to slipknot and thought joey jordison was an awesome drummer. But as time went on and I did my research, and really started to become more innovative with my drums, I noticed that travis and joey arent everything, yes they are extremely fast, and of course joey is, but I think I have a little more respect for joey, because he has a background in jazz, yet i havent seen him play jazz, but i would like to. Anyways back to Barker, good drummer, can put on a show, but that is what he is... he is basically a show, but i think in the next 5 or 6 years you will see a new barker since he is getting in to this whole producing gig, and learning music, maybe you will see him slowly evolve in to a better drummer, you never know, so do dont hate cuz hes get a fine ass wife also
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