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Originally Posted by youenjoy00myself View Post
Also, since no one has mentioned this, has anyone else heard Incubus' "The Odyssey" from the Halo 2 soundtrack volume one? I know it's kinda weird because it's a video game soundtrack, but they have a mostly instrumental 27-minute piece on that CD split into 4 tracks that's really absolutely fantastic. There's a lot of odd-time parts, and the drumming is some of Jose's best. There's some big fills in the 4th movement that are pretty impressive. If you guys haven't heard it I highly recommend it.
Yeah, I've heard it. I've listened to it straight through a few different times and really enjoyed it. There are some parts I like better than others (it is a very long piece of music when taken as a whole).

Originally Posted by Tetley View Post
can you get "the odyssey" on cd? i dont play halo (cos i suck at shooting games) so i haven't heard it...
Check out iTunes or maybe another mp3 download site. Search for the Halo 2 soundtrack. The tracks should be on there. That's how I got them.
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