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they would sound better because he is a better bassist, i like ben kenney and think hes good, but dirk lance was one funky beast. i still think light grenades is their worst album since fungus though. some great songs but some really dodgy moments as well. like quicksand, jose carries it off well but its just a bit of a dirge.

i think jose's playing is faultless, he's fantastic at playing for the song. He manages to be complex without over complicating anything. wish i could do that! but i just had a quick listen and i only like half the album, and a couple more tracks which i like large parts of but then really dont like others. but four of the songs i just dont like. its all obviously a matter of opinion and what do i know but i was a bit dissapointed.

can you get "the odyssey" on cd? i dont play halo (cos i suck at shooting games) so i haven't heard it...

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