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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Jacob Smith
age? 15
How long been playing? around 6 months
origin of username? I was eating goldfish when i was high and the name just came out of my mouth. **I quit after 10 days of this post**
Top 5 drummers? Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Nick Mason, Peart, Buddy Rich
Make of drumkit? Rydeen 4 piece
Make of cymbals?Zildjian k, ZBT's and a Sabian B8
Where do you practice? anywhere my drumset is
are you in bands? no
covers or originals? both
style of music? anything with good drums in it
favorite take out food? pizza
Country? America
really odd facts about yourself? I have a speech impedemant.
How did you start drumming? I have always wanted to play drums, but the thing that made me decide to go through with it is that all my friends were playing instruments like bass and guitar.

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