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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Zak O'Donnell

age? 14

how long been playing? 7 months

origin of user name? bonham is my fav

top 5 drummers? bonzo, peart, moon, mitchell, lee

make of drumkit? Ludwig Accent elite custom cs

make of cymbal?Zildjian zbt

where do you practice? Room

are you in a bands? ya but were still working on the name

covers or originals?both

what style of music? Classic rock ( pink floyd, led zeppelin, ac-dc etc.)

favourite take out food? I dont eat out often but when i do i would have to say subway.

country? CANADA BABY!!!

one really odd fact about yourself? i cant think of 1

how did you start drumming? Im always moving my hands and makin beats in skewl so i started to take drums.