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Default Re: Where do you live?

I live in Ohio. Delaware. Home of Rutherford B. Hayes. The house he grew up in is now a gas station. and Delaware is the home of the Little Brown Jug. One of the biggest Pacer horse races in the world. But it is a relatively small town. There was a murder last night. A big deal around hear. A kid in middle school got shot in the face with a shot gun. Oh. I forgot to mention that this is the fifth fastest growing county in america. It is a nice town to live but nowhere close to the cool places that some of you'll live. If any of you have heard of the Band Iron Horse the drummer gives lessons at the music shop. It is a relatively big band. They were really big in Italy where they originated. I would take lessons but from what I have heard all he does is try to sell the products he is indorsed by. Taye and Attack. good drummer though.
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