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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

After looking at the list, I'd say it wil be:
Dunning, Moore, Baxter
Sharpe, Vickerman
Elsom, Palu, Smith
? <-- I'm not sure...

The other guys are:
Adam Ashley-Cooper, Mark Chisholm, Sam Cordingley, Adam Freier, Mark Gerrard, Stephen Hoiles, Julian Huxley, Benn Robinson, Guy Shepherdson, Scott Staniforth, Phil Waugh (c).

Huxley has played the last three games at fullback, but they are his only international caps, so I don't think he'd play there. The forwards seem to be doing quite well. Watch Moore, Palu, and Robinson. All new kids on the block, big fellas too. Palu is one of my favourite Wallabies at the moment; 120kg and 195cm hard running number 8. Played a year of League; started for the Cowboys half a dozen times maybe four years ago. Moore tackled a guy in the first test against Wales and dislocated the guys knee and broke his femur simultaeously. The mic at the sideline picked up the crack loud and clear.

Hopefully we don't play as horribly as last week and it's a good match.
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