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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by katman View Post
Did someone say Rugby World Cup?

I have a very good feeling about this one. We weren't completely up to scratch against England and Samoa in recent weeks, but we were trying combinations. The real test will be the Tri-Nations. I have a ticket for Saturday's game vs Oz at Newlands (Cape Town).

I think we have the forwards to dominate most teams this year. And we have a few stars in the backline, but possibly also a few weaknesses (flyhalf, right wing).
About time you showed up!... ;)

Yeah, I'm pretty confident in the abilities of the RSA boys at the moment, especially the forwards and whatever wing Habana plays on. Something funny about our upcoming game; they dropped Lote Tuquiri from the squad for the Welsh games as an incentive for him to work harded, but also to really work on his speed to make him more of a match for Brian Habana. The press has been eagerly anticipating this game for that match up, and Habana now isn't playing! It's interesting though, when they play on each other. I was at the Aus vs RSA game last year where we flogged you around the park. I think the highlight was the Habana Tuquiri matchup; Tuquiri has him more than covered in strength but if he gave Habana too much space, he'd fly straight past him. It was very interesting to watch, and there was a lot of ball on that wing. I rate Habana as my favourite winger playing the international circut at the moment, and probably third all-time favourite (Ben Tune second and Lomu first, when they were in their prime of course).
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