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i feel late saying this but. tre cool is deffinetly a great punk drummer. great drumming has nothing to do with speed or flashy-ness. it's all about keeping time. if you can keep a beat, i think you're a good drummer. but tre can plase a beat add good fills and come up with simple stuff. but at the same time good stuff. he's not endorced because he's in a poplar band. he's endorced because he's a good drummer. if my band was popular but i sucked, i most likely wouldn't be endorced. so the reason i think tre's good because he's simple enough to be awsome. if that makes sence. but barker, freese, willard, parsons and all the good punk drummers aren't endorced because of the popularity, because of their playing. tre's one of my idols and influences. the first song i could play was christy road. i just think he's a good all around drummer.
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