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Default Re: Favorite "Live" Album

1. Kiss Alive!!! What a great album. This is what made "live" albums popular.
2. Iron Maiden Live After Death. Another fantastic album. Great sound with even better songs.
3. Kiss Alive II. This album only had a couple cheesy songs, but overall was incredible.
4. Black Sabbath Live Evil Dio really shined on this album. He even sang a couple of songs better than Ozzy (NIB)
5. Slayer - Decade of Aggression. This is probably the least polished of any live album ever created. You can hear all of the mistakes. But, it is so raw that you can feel it in your bones!
6. Racer X - Live Extreme. You hear what might be the most incredible group of metal musicians ever put together to do nothing but show off. Paul Gilbert at his very best, Bruce Builliet (The "second guitarist" who was under appreciated due to Gilbert), John Aldrette on Bass (Not quite Billy Sheehan, but pretty close) and finally, the most underrated drummer in Metal, Mr. Scott Travis.
7. Lamb of God - Killadelphia I hate the singer but the actual music sounds top notch. Chris Adler's drumming is really, really good on this.
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