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Originally Posted by drumbuddy105133 View Post
I agree. I like their old stuff a lot better. Dookie, Nimrod, Warning, etc. Some of my favorite's are Welcome To Paradise, Basketcase, Warning, When I Come Around, and Minority. It's not that I don't like their newer image/music, It's just, well....I don't know. It doesn't appeal to me as much.
i do actually think he is a good drummer.
only that because i love the solo across all toms in the song 'american idiot'
that has got to be the only part of him that i like. also the dact that he isnt afraid
of goin crazy and doing fast stuff on stage and recording stuff.
their new songs and album dont appeal to me at all, they have totally gone from being
a unique band to a boring common band.
i loved their Dookie and bolevard of broken dreams [how ever they spell it]. they really
were a good band but now when i hear them i just turn it off.

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