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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Full contact train? That was nearly every session from when I was nine upwards!

As for me stopping? No big story there. Basically I stopped playing because I was travelling miles to school each day and come the weekend I was too tired to play. Plus I wasn't dedicated enough to train on weekdays as the rest of my team were starting to do, going down to the gym etc. Now, that's all fine and I'm not bitter. Then they started losing team members due to work commitments and the like as we got older, so I started playing again. End of the season and there wasn't a youth team for me to really go to, except for some Saturdays when I had to work. I started playing when I was five, in fact I started playing a year earlier than I was allowed. I was never really fit enough to play at any decent level, but I was a decent second row and back row player (6'2" and 180Ibs at 14 gets you there by default!) but never massively skilled and greatly inconsistent. When I played well, I was as good as anybody on my team, on a bad day, I was terrible.

No matter. Maybe I'll train up and find a team who want me.
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