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Default Re: Derek Roddy

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Well, right now...I top out somewhere around 230-240. I use to be able to hit 250-255 regularly but, I don't play Death Metal 260 days a year anymore. That type of physical effort requires maintenance. Pushing yourself will always make you's to what extent are you struggling that's important.
It definately has gotten easier for me over the years.
Thanks a lot Derek, I always wondered about that. Yeah, my band split up recently and I understand what you mean about the maintenance, does that not bother you though?

Oh and the solo from the clinic rocks, well done man!

Oh, and do you use moongel on any of your drums? I do live but I take it off for recordings because it gives a slappy sound sometimes in the mix.
Would like more MFB please.

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