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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by Vinnysimmo View Post
I know next to nothing about rugby but are the all blacks and the aussies favorites as usual?
The Aussies?.... Hardly. I forsee our next four matches could possibly be quite embarrassing; NZ, RSA, NZ, and RSA in that order.

NZ are the premier favourite, RSA have recently moved to a very close 2nd favourite. France is a bit of a dark horse, their top players are all hidden away in the lead up to september. Ireland stands to do quite well, but after that recent loss to Argentina I'm a little more sceptical of their chances. Speaking of Argentina, they seem to have risen the ranks and are now a very respectable team. I haven't seen them play so I can't really verify this however. I do know that when they beat Ireland, their flyhalf scored 17 or so points out of their 22; meaning they may be relying on a couple of star players to carry the team, but I don't really know. The great thing about rugby, especially World Cup football, is that any of the top-tier teams could come out on top or be eliminated prematurely. Just look at what happened to NZ last time, and the time before that, and.... ...well basically every year since '87!

Also, I'm pretty pumped for the this wednesday night: the IRB Sevens comp is on and followed by State of Origin. Yeah, I know Origin is league, but it's the best three league games in the year and the only ones I'll watch. Go NSW! And as Reg Regan would say: "BRING BACK THE BIFF!"

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