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Default Re: Official Rugby World Cup (and the lead up tests) Thread

I'm not sure how fast Lomu is these days, he's put on a couple of kilos (weighs in at 125 now I think) so I doubt he's near his old 10.8s 100m time. He might not have the pace to keep up with the faster style of game many teams are favouring these days.

As for MFBs 11 years; I can't quite top that. I'm having this year off as my shoulder's are in pretty bad shape, I more dislocation and it's reco's... I'm building up the muscles around my shoulders so I can play again next year, also have to lift my fitness to try and lose the number 1 and get the 6, 7, or 8 jumper.

I watched most of the three games in a row last night (NZ v France, Aus vs Fiji, RSA vs Samoa) and I don't think any were real indications of actual team strength. We played scrappily and as a result only won by 49 pts; the same margain as the Junior All Blacks the week before. I think we missed about 6 or so conversions and had one try denied by the video ref so I guess it's not too bad. RSA I wasn't paying too much attention too but they looked as if they would have definately beaten us had we played. Same goes for NZ and (unfortunately) I think we might have struggled a bit against the French reserves had we played them.

Lastly, where's the 2011 RWC?

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