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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Oh just don't get me started on Rugby. I did play for eleven years after all.

England aren't going to do this well this time around, it's a shame but they really did lose an entire generation of players at the end of the last World Cup. I'm glad to see Mike Catt back in the squad, our backline is the most predictable backline half the time, but add Mike Catt into the backline and we immediately become alive. He's a talisman. Wilkinson is excellent, but only on his day and he's too fragile to be a realistic opportunity for the duration of the next few months.

As for Jonah Lomu? It's a pity. There's a guy I have a LOT of time for. Really the prototype for the fast and physically huge wingers and centres that have come to dominate the bigger teams of both hemispheres. I really would like to see him playing again.
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