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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Ciaran Farrelly

age? 18

how long been playing? 2 years

origin of user name? People started calling me it cos i self taut and apparentley reall really brill

top 5 drummers? Bozzio, Sorum, vinne paul, bonham and me

make of drumkit? Sonor 503 series :-(

make of cymbal?Zildjian and Sabian :-)

where do you practice?Shed

are you in a band/s? yeah called troubadour!!!!

covers or originals?both

what style of music? Hard Rock! it like hard rock meets zak wilde mets blues meets real rock and roll

favourite take out food?any food will do i a fat man in a normal body

country?Ireland !!!!!!!!!!!!! Top the morning to ya

one really odd fact about yourself? i have no shame and i once convinced myself stds can develope on their own due a ingrown hair in an odd place (no clue nesecery) ...... told ya i have no shame

how did you start drumming?Lars Ulrich!!!!!!!!!! EW!!!!!!! lets just say i really liked metallica and he was my fave :-! gotta start somewhere
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