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Originally Posted by Tutin View Post
"Chris Adler uses Saturn Series Mapex drums,12 inch Mapex Black Panther Birdseye-Maple snare, Gibraltar hardware, Aquarian drumheads, Axis Pedals and Meinl Percussion cymbals. He also designed his own 24" Meinl MB20 signature pure metal ride cymbal, as well as his own 'Chris Adler' Pro-Mark drum sticks.

Chris no longer uses a Paiste Flanger Bell. Meinl made Chris a custom "Distortion splash" and now uses that in place of the Paiste."

There we go. I saw Lamb of God on the 7th along with Chimaira and Machine head, itwas amazing. I saw Chris after but didn't get to speak, he was playing really tightly. He still has the problem of not being able to hear the snare in some fills though, but ah well.
I meant ..what cymbals did he used in 2003 hellfest
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