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Default Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

I thought this might be a good way to stop Katman, Redevouz, MFB and myself from hijacking threads and turning them into rugby ones... ;)

So to start it up....

I was fairly upset for a few days after France were smashed by NZ in Auckland the other night. My confidence in their ability has recently been restored after discovering that France chose to play a 3rd grade team and not their top squad. They're doing the same for tonight's test in Wellington; only 5 players from the 38 who starred in their 6-Nations campaign will be there, three of which are on the bench I think. Wht's everyone's thoughts on this 'hide your best away' tactics that a lot of the European teams seem to be doing?

Secondly, has anyone seen Jonah Lomu play since his comeback last year? I kow he hasn't received any S14 contracts as he was planning. Sure, he's probably only good for 4 years at best, but really, no interest?!

And with that I'll leave. I've want to get 4-5 hours of study in before the games tonight (France vs NZ followed by Aus vs Fiji)

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