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Originally Posted by 44Ronin View Post
The most influential rock drummer? No way , not even close in fact.

Yes he is a premier prog drummer. What is neil peart? He is neil peart of course! ....the guy who plays in rush.

Who is ringo starr? Hmm big part of the band that changed the quintessential rock and roll sound into guitar , bass and drum format. Probably inspired countless people to play the drums, and of course - no one swings quarters like Ringo!
Well, Ronin...I think A LOT more fans of "the drum" have air-drummed to Neil Peart and Rush than to the Beatles!! WITHOUT A DOUBT!!

I agree that Ringo has been a huge influence to "music" fans, but to "drumming" fans...Neil Peart is MUCH MORE influential in that department!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

He's a DRUM GOD, Ronin!

Ringo has NOT reached that plateau, and I couldn't agree more...Play On! ;-)
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