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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by katman View Post
I'm intrigued by the lugs on your drums - can't see if the connecting strip is also chrome (with the drum's colour reflected in it) or whether it actually has some kind of stained inlay.
It is a piece of wood glued to the connecting strip. I think the idea is just marvelous and looks great, and of course you can have the strips and the shell painted with different colors.

Originally Posted by tomodrum1 View Post
How much was it for the whole kit if you don't mind me asking?
The shell pack cost me some 3200 Euros. The snare is gloss lacquered, and it alone cost nearly 900 Euros. A bit steep, but well worth it. As a side note, a similar kit without the wood hoops and the lacquer finish would cost about 2300 Euros.

Originally Posted by latzanimal View Post
How much does (the hole) cut down on the resonance?
A very minimal amount, and even that small amount is compensated by the resonance given by the intact resonant head.

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Wanna swap? ;-)


Originally Posted by eirikhw View Post
I dig the idea of the bass drum hole. Must be a sound engineers dream. How can you describe the sound of the woodhoop-fitted toms? (soundclips?) How durable are they?
Indeed, micing the drum is pretty effortless. The wood hoops are very durable. I have played the snare for a year and a half, and countless rimshots have left just some cosmetic marks on it. It's built like a cleaver's block, and it is designed to take a beating.

I'll post some sound clips as soon as I can. I'm busy working at the moment, and I have absolutely no time to play them -- which is a major bummer, I might add! Based on my experience on other wood hoop Kumus I can say that the sound is somewhat fuller and "woodier" when compared to triple-flanged steel hoops.
I play Kumu Drums. I also shoot videos.
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