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Originally Posted by spw View Post
"Bass Drum Techniques for today's drummer
Unburing the Beater" by Matt Ritter

This is a bass drum system that revolves around not buring the beater in the head.

Matt has an analysis of common Bass drum methods.
Talks about heel down, heel up, and how the system uses them in the unburing the beater system.
He covers basic drum setup, practice guldelines, and how to sit and stabilizing yourself at the kit.
Matts discusses pedal adjustments and becoming sensitive to your pedal.
He then goes into detail about single strokes, multiple strokes, fast multiples, doubles, consecutive doubles and "Bonham triplets".
Matt discusses using different parts of the foot, the slide,and gives practicle applications of the system.

The dvd has a FAQ section, and a section on troublshooting.
There is also some other bonus chapters about Matt.

I am a new drummer and this dvd has given me a great game plan to develope my bass drum technique, but I think it would help more than just begginers.
Very good dvd!
Can anyone tell me if this book is geared toward double-bass? Because I am not a double bass player, but really want a book that will help my single-bass technique.
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