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Originally Posted by tynn View Post
Derek, I'd really like you to answer Tutin's question pelase! I also have another question: You use a HHX groove ride, right? (says so on your webpage) so, is this a good ride for metal? Im conciduring buying one!
Ah, the HHX Groove Ride. I love that cymbal.
I've never been the type of drummer who likes these pingy, "manhole cover" ride cymbals that most "metal" drummers use. I like a sound like Tony W, or Jack D. I fuse that sound into my metal playing simply to separate myself from all the other metal drummers who have the same cymbal sound.
The Groove Ride is good because it can cover a wide variety of genres. this is good because I play gigs doing anything from Blues to Extreme metal. I don't like to change gear. I like to play what I play and that's that! LOL. I'm too forgetful to remember which ride to take to a gig.
I wouldn't say it's the best ride for "metal" but it's the best ride for "everything".

Oh yea, I also use a single piece of moongel on the Groove Ride. It dries it up just slightly enough to bring out the definition.
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