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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

I sit at Guitar Center every day...considering I work there and try out every single pedal we have there. I've been doing it a lot lately because Im trying to decide between the 5000 and the 9000 double pedal. In MY opinion, the difference between the 5's and the 9's are huge, i've played them both side by side, countless amount of times. I love the resistance the 5's give me but I think thats due to the fact that Im used to the feel of my old Iron Cobras. I've had the 5's and the IC's, and used them both as my main pedals, switching them out from time to time. When I'd get tired of the feel of one, I'd go to the other...(I know, weird, but cool because I'd get stoked all over again) I posted a thread awhile back on how I busted the foot board in half on my 5's, don't really know how or why, but they were the old versions of the 5's, i.e. 'Chain Drive'..not 'The Drummers Choice'. Im sure they've made them better over time, so im not to worried about that. Im pretty sure I've settled on the 9's, I've messed with them enough, and was able to find the right settings, which feels amazing by the way, because I can get that resistance but they have the super smooth 'buttery' if you will feel to them..amazing. Still can't decide if I like the IC's over the 5's though, its a toughy. Eliminators aren't bad and the YFD's aren't bad either. The options the 9000's offer are definitely worth the extra $140 bucks IMO. Give your feet what they want and need, do not settle.
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