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Originally Posted by punky_funk View Post
I have recently bought "Advanced Funk Studies" by Rick Latham, the 25th anniversary DVD. It is very inspirational and It has a lot on rudimental application. I suggest getting the book for it too, to use as reference. It is for all skill levels.
Beginner to advanced.
Originally Posted by TheBeyonder View Post
Hey there,

Does anyone here have any experience with Mike Michalkow's Moeller Technique DVD:

I've owned Jim Chapin's Speed, Power, Control, Endurance video for several years, and it's still the best one I've seen for technique. It's helped me more than anything or anyone else. It seems as if I saw that it was supposed to be reissued on DVD with more content. Does anyone know when this is supposed to be out? I love that man.
I've not seen it but you make me want to!

Jim Chapin said somewhere that the reason he can play so well at his age is that he holds the sticks so loosely anyone could lift them out of his hands. I wish someone had told me that a few decades ago. Making the bounce work for you instead of hanging on like grim death in the fashion of people being rescued by firemen down a ladder.
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