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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
hi alex

i'm asking all the pros this question. i think the answers could be very instructive to many of us.
let's say there was a totally new drum rudiment that was suddenly discovered and was so totally applicable that any drummer worth their salt would quickly try to learn it, master it and use it in recordings and gigs. this hypothetical new rudiment is quite hard to play and totally unrelated to any other rudiment. it is so good that you know that the next time you sit in on a session the writer is probably going to ask you to use it somewhere in their song.
my question is: starting from scratch what would be your way of learning it?

Hi there!
Let me appologize Ė once again Ė for taking so long to reply to this thread! Thanks for your inputs.

As for your rudiment question, Jason .. well, this is where I have to admit Iím a very slow learner! Over the years Iíve struggled more than you can imagine with learning rudiments etc. Mostly due to the fact that I simply canít remember how they go! Often it'll take me ages to learn things that far less experienced drummers than me would pick up in a second. And you wouldnít believe how much time it took for me to just play a proper drum roll! So, this is definately NOT where my talent lies. I guess what has made me become a decent drummer after all, has been my will and eagerness to learn these things in spite of whatever difficulties I may have with the learning process. Itís definately the musical aspect of drumming more than tecnique that has been driving me all these years ... Iíve NEEDED the tecnique to express my musicality, and therefore Iíve stuck with the rudiments after all, lol. On the bright side you could say that the satisfaction of finally getting it right is perhaps greater for me than for so many other pros. Also, even though I truly admire the technical skills of drummers like Buddy Rich, Weckl etc Iíve personally always felt more inspired by and attracted to the musicality of say Big Sid Catlett and Elvin Jones.

So, to answer your question .. I would start by spending half a year remembering which hand to start with, lol (thatís closer to the truth than you think!)

I guess for me itís always been a question of ďfeelingĒ the rudiment. Get it into your body so it becomes a natural part of your body-drumming-language (sorry, that sounded corny!). Thereíre some rudiments Iíve learned and can play, but they still donít feel right to me and so I rarely use them. Then thereís a couple of things that I KNOW Iíll feel great using because they speak to me musically, but I still havenít learned them well enough to incorporate them just yet. Give me a couple of years more ;o) ..

One more thing Iíd like to add about using rudiments. My playing is very much depending on the musicians I play with. Some musicians play in a way where incorporating rudiments just doesnít feel right for me at all. Others inspire me to pull out rudiments all the time! That would be guys like e.g. John Scofield and Kenny Werner whoís timing and tecnique and musicality instinctly challenges me and makes me want to challenge them back, you know. Thatís when you start taking chances - and the real fun begins!!! And thatís when you are grateful that you DID spend all those hours practising after all.

Best wishes and tons of triplets ..
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