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probably a very old topic though Id like to leave some comments here...

His setup is still concert toms and I believe Gretsch makes them only on request now (with phil as one of the few customers...)

NITRON BLACK (C-5508T) 5 1/2x8 Tom; (C-6510T) 6 1/2x10 Tom; (C-0812T) 8x12 Tom; (C-1215T) 12x15 Tom; (C-1616T) 16x16 Tom; (C-1818T) 18x18 Tom; (C-1420B) 14x20 Bass Drum; (C-04148NS) 4x14 MILLENNIUM MAPLE GLOSS SNARE;

(From the gretsch website...)

He hardly replaces the heads and he uses 5A sticks. Also, he's a very loud drummer so that might be one of the causes for his hearing loss...

Brand X and Genesis sure show how good he is and what this guy is capable of. Dukes travles, dodo, stuff from the lamb lies down on broadway, los endos, dance on a volcano, suppers ready, the musical box (genesis live has an awesome version !), the live versions of firth of fifth (especially the one from the 1992 tour), The in the cage medleys they did in the 80ies, driving the last spike, fading lights... All very good Genesis examples of what this guy is capable of...

The new tour has an awesome setlist with lots of drumming from the man, if you don't have tickets, go get them while some venues are still not sold out...
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