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Default Re: My Tama Starclassic Performer

Originally Posted by Johnny from the block View Post
I was thinking exactly the same thing. I already tried Coated Aquarians with satin finish (on my previous set) and they worked out pretty well, but I think the Evans will do even better.

Do you have any suggestions for the reso? or do you think the current will do fine?
Yes, I think that Evans Coated G2 will work very well for you.
Although I am more into Remo. I still have some Coated G1 on my gig kit but I like the equivalent Coated remo Ambassador much more. I had both on my Tama Superstar Custom and yeah, Remo is my favourite.

Maybe give Remo Coated Emperor a try?

As for the reso: Pintripes are said to be the secret tip if you wanna have a very warm short sound. But I`m not sure with that. Maybe ask YAMAHA DRUMMER here, he should be able to tell you. :-)
I would go for some clear Ambassadors or Diplomats on the reso side. Also Tama`s stock reso heads work well.


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